Republic of Koreas Energy Security Conundrum: The Problems of Energy Mix and Energy Diplomacy Deadlock

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Ahn, Se Hyun

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Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
Journal of International and Area Studies, Vol.22 No.2, pp. 67-87
Energy SecurityRepublic of KoreaEnergy Mixthe U.S.RussiaEnergy Diplomacy
This paper explores Republic of Korea (ROK)s energy security priorities and problems. During the President Parks administration, ROK has faced wide range of energy security problems. Almost nations energy diplomacy has virtually stopped to function for mostly domestic political reasons. Furthermore, nations energy security has been endangered because ROKs energy security policy has poorly implemented with no concrete goals and no rational choice of energy mix plan. This study seeks to examine ROKs most urgent energy security agenda at the moment and how the country should response to these specific issues. Moreover, this study will investigate ROKs energy mix policy in detail according to various energy resources. This paper contends that the current problems of ROKs energy security and the deadlock of ROKs energy diplomacy stemmed from the ignorance of the exact definition of energy security at the national level among policy makers, academia, various political groups including top leadership. ROKs energy security is highly likely to experience significant disarray in the upcoming decades since nations energy security clock has been reset back to 5 years before now during the Parks administration.
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Graduate School of International Studies (국제대학원)Dept. of International Studies (국제학과)Journal of International and Area Studies (JIAS)Journal of International and Area Studies vol.22 (2015)
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