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국가의 장서와 개인의 장서 - 공사교직(公私交織)의 역사로 조명한 규장각 중국본 도서 : The royal library collection and the literati collection of Joseon - A Study on the Kyujanggak Chinese Books

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.75, pp. 13-43
the Kyujanggal<. Collection of Chinese BooksHistory results from the interplay of private and public factorsMin Seong-hwi(閔聖徽)Lee Ha-jin(李夏鎭)Ryu Myeong-hyeon(柳命賢)Lee I-myeong(李頥命)Lee Ui-hyeon(李宜顯)Yun Geup(尹汲)규장각 중국본 도서공사교직의 역사민성휘이하진유명현이이명이의현윤급
This paper takes the viewpoint that history results from the interplay of private and

public factors in examining how the books privately purchased by late Joseon Literati on

their diplomatic trips to imperial China ended up being incorporated into the collection

of Kyujanggak, the royal library of Joseon.

The purchase of Chinese books by the envoys traveling to Beijing in 17th and 18th

centuries were identified based on the bookstamps that were imprinted on the

Kyujanggak Collection of Chinese Books. Various documentary records were used to

trace how these books became part of the Kyujanggak Collection.

There were a ceaseless stream of books flowing from the private collections of late

Joseon literati, such as Min Seonghwi and Yun Geup, into the Kyujanggak Collection,

as a result of active purchase of Chinese books by these diplomatic delegations, the

subsequent trading and circulation of these books by their families, and the royal

family's policy of the incorporating private collection that began in the middle Joseon

period. Based on this observation, the paper argues that Kyujanggak's cw-rent collection

of Chinese books did not consist solely of the royal collection, but inputs from the late

Joseon literary circle were actively incorporated.

Further, this study emphasizes that Kyujanggak's collection of Chinese books, which

have so far been regarded as the collection of the king and the royal family, represents

the intellectual trends of Joseon literati at large, and it should be understood in the context of literary history of Joseon period.
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