분단 60년의 법적 조명 ; 북한인권의 논의동향과 전망
Review on the 60 Year-Division in Korean Peninsula in the Legal Perspectives ; Recent Discussions on North Korean Human Rights and Their Prospects

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.46 No.4, pp. 1-27
북한법에 관한 연구socialistic view of human rights미국의 2004 북한인권법북한출신 난민
This paper aims to survey the process and the situation of the discussions on

human rights of the North Korean people and seeks to find the possibility of its

improvement. Independent of President Bush's expression axis of evil, North

Korea is a notorious country of the severe violations on human rights. This

totalitarian government abuses the human rights of the its citizens in various


The U. S. government adopted the North Korea Human Rights Act in 2004,

and the Democracy Advancing Act in 2005. We are observing the effects of

these legislations for the improvement of the current situation. Several hundreds

of human rights activists, politicians and members of Christian groups rallied on

July 19 2005 in Washington, D.C., on North Korean Freedom Day. This kind

of action was shown in December 10, 2005 in Seoul as well.

On the other hand, the Human Rights Committee of the UN has expressed its

resolutions for three times. On those resolutions the UNHRC sent a special

investigator and reporter to North Korea in 2004. A Thailand scholar, Dr. Vitit

Muntarbhorn, issued an official report on the situation of North Korean's human

rights situation. He proposed some immediate measures for the improvement of

the N.K. human rights. Finally, UN general assembly passed a resolution on

N.K. human rights on Nov.17, 2005.

Towards such comments and critics from the outsides, North Korean

government has declared certain severe anti-criticisms. The govermental officials

argue that the concept of human rights is relativistic in accordance with its...
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