21세기 법학교육의 방향모색 ; 법학전문대학원의 운영방안에 대한 소견
How to Operate a Korean Law School

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.47 No.4, pp. 14-36
법학전문대학원(로-스쿨)교육과정Korean Law SchoolLegal educationLaw school administrationLaw school curriculum법학교육학사제도
This essay aims at examining how to operate a Korean Law School. The

author begins with proposing an ideal type of a Korean Law School as a

professional legal education institution rather than a substitute of the Judicial

Research and Training Institute. Given that ideal, he moves on to analyse the

Korean Law School Bill and its ancillary presidential decree proposal together

with a report regarding standards for approval of law school. Finally, he

addresses some key issues which seem necessary to be checked up in the course

of launching a new style legal education in Korea. They include admissions,

finance, curriculum, student welfare, academic and student affaires, research

facilities, educational objectives, specialization strategy. Instead of giving a

concrete summary of his analysis in the conclusion, the author gives a general

prospect that a law school system may force legal scholars to encounter infinite

competition between legal education institutions in terms of not only legal

education and research but also school administration. In addition, he points out

that the success of the new legal education system depends upon how much

liberal system is introduced as well as how strong and pervasive the vision and

will of actors in legal education and legal service market are.
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