법학교육에 있어서의 실무교육
The importance of practice in the Legal education

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.47 No.4, pp. 147-178
사례형 교육로 클리닉Law practice schoolcase methodLaw clinic법학전문대학원college of Law
As Korea has developed from one of the agricultural countries to one of the

industrial countries over the half a century, its social systems have gotten

complicated. It is no wonder that the more complicated social systems get, the

more complex and varied legal disputes.

But its legal education has focused on theories and abstract principles so far,

that is partly because its law was derived from the continental law, which finally

makes us not to able to meet legal services that much more complex society


Besides, Korea is about to be exposed to tremendous waves of the severe

competition with all countries in the world in all areas including the legal area,

which forces us to compete with other people all over the world. But it is a

pity that we are less competitive than other countries, jurists especially American

ones are. That is because our legal expertise are not sufficient enough to resolve

today's various and complex disputes.

Having realized it, its government is trying to transform its conventional legal

education system to the American's one such as law school. But the progress is

not satisfied. In these circumstances, it is through changing its legal education

methods and contents that we can tackle the problems we face, that is, its legal

education methods have to include not only legal theories which are essential to

apprehend legal principles but also practices because they help acquire legal

expertises and catch the point in cases, and solve the problems.

The American Case Method and Law Clinic are believed to be most effective

ways for those purposes of practices. Therefore, it is important that such legal...
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