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Changes in the E-rosette Formation and PHA Blastogenesis of Lymphocytes in Stored Blood.

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김상인; 박명희
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(1):135-142
Changes in the ability of lymphocytes in stored
bank blood to form E-rosettes and to respond to PHA
were studied together with change of other blood cell
components at intervals during two to three weeks
of storage at 4T in ACD-B and CPD plastic bags.
The results were as follows.
1. There was no significant change in red blood
cell count, hemoglobin and hematocrit during 21 days
of storage.
2. Leucocyte count decreased to 90% of the initial
value after 1 week and then there was no significan t
decrease up to 3 weeks of storage. Viability of lymphocytes
was maintained up to two weeks at 9096
level and that of neutrophil declined rapidly to 1/3
of the initial value after 1 week's storage.
3. Platelet count decreased rather slowly and 60%
of the initial value "vas present after 3 weeks'
4. E-rosette formation of lymphocytes was relatively
well maintained during the first 3 days and
decreased to 2/3 on day 4, and to less than 1/2
after 10-14 days' stroage.
5. Spontaneous and PHA stimulated lymphocyte
blastogenesis decreased progressively during storage.
but was not completely abolished after 14-17 days'
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