피부두겹두께의 계절적변화에 관한 연구
A Study on the Seasonal Change of the Skinfold Thickness

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1976;17(1):21-26
The author has measured the stature, body
weight, triceps, subscapular and supra iliac skinfold
thicknesses and, calculated the total fat weight of
103 Korean students and 26 coeds in spring, summer,
fall and winter to manifest the seasonal change of
the subcutaneous fat t issue and the following conclusions
have been drawn.
1. The averages of stature are 169.1 em. in male
and 155.0 em. in female.
2. The averages of body weight are about 60 kg.
in male and about 50 kg. in female and no seasonal
changes are found in both sexes. 3. The triceps and suprailiac skinfold thicknesses
of male in spring and fall are thinner and then
become thicker in summer and winter, but no seasonal
changes are found in the subscapular skinfold
thickness and the % fat weight.
4. No seasonal changes are found in the skinfold
thicknesses and the % fat weight of female.
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