토끼 콩팥의 혈액유통에 대한 막네슘의 구실
The Role of Magnesium on the Renal Blood flow in Rabbit Kidney

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):63-69
The relationship of pressure to flow was studied
in the renal vascular bed of the isolated rabbit kidneys
which were perfused with various solutions
containing cations under various levels of perfusion
pressure. Magnesium and calcium ions in normal
saline solution were perfused into the renal artery.
Three isolated dog and 39 rabbit kidneys were used.
The following results were obtained.
1) There was autoregulation of flow in the isolated
dog kidneys perfused with Tyrode's solution
without dextran.
2) There was no autoregulation of renal blood
flow in the isolated rabbit kidneys perfused with
Tyrode's or Locke's solution without dextran.
3) The renal blood flow was autoregulated in the
isolated rabbit kidneys when the magnesium chloride
in isotonic saline was perfused. It was discussed that
magnesium ions affected the contractility of the renal
vascular smooth muscle.
4) The autoregulation of flow which was induced
by perfusion of magnesium ions was abolished by
addition of calcium ions. Magnesium and calcium
ions seemed to have an antagonistic effects upon
the smooth muscles of the renal vascular bed.
5) In the pressure-flow relationship, a change in
perfusion pressure always resulted in a corresponding
change in the renal blood flow when the isolated
rabbit kidneys were perfused with calcium chloride
in isotonic saline solution.
6) The pressure-flow pattern was not significantly
different from each other when magnesium-added
fluid was given with or without oxygenation.
7) It is concluded that autoregulation of the renal
blood flow is attributable to the sensitivity of vascular
smooth muscles to the change in tension of
the wall of the blood vessel.
(The author was indebted to Dr. H. Passow, of
the Department of Physiology, University of Hamburg,
Germany, for his advice in the early stages of
this study, and to Professor Dr. K. Y. Nam for valuable
advice and guidance.)
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