실험적 콩팥성 고혈압에 있어서 기관의 무게, 밀도 및 콜레스테롤 함유량의 변화
Weight, Density and Cholesterol Content of Organs in Renal Hypertensive Rats

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김윤성; 남기용
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1967;8(1):1-8
Organ weight (% ratio to body weight). density and
total cholesterol content were determined in experimental
renal hypertensive rats. Encapsulation of bilateral kidneys
with gause soaked with 20% cellulose acetate was
performed. The ensuing hypertension appeared after 40
days or mere and arterial bleed pressure reached to 180
mmHg at highest in about one-half of animals of which
kidneys were encapsulated. The remaining rats which
showed no elevation of arterial blocd pressure served as
the control animals. The following results were obtained.
1. The ratio of organ weight to total body weight
showed a general increase in the hypertensive rats. In
heart and liver there were good correlations between
arterial blood pressure and ratio of organ weight to bedy
weight. The coefficient of correlation was r=0.64 and
1'=0.69 in heart and liver. respectively.
2 Density was highest in adrenals showing 1. 157 and
lowest in cerebrum showing 1.044. The values of other
organs were; spleen: 1.072. liver: 1.071. kidney: 1.062,
and heart: 1.059.
The organs which showed a variation in density in
hypertension were kidney and liver. In kidney. density
decreased as arterial blood pressure was elevated and the
coefficient of correlation between the two was r= 0.46.
In liver. density increased in the hypertensive rats
showing a coefficient of correlation being r=0.15.
3. Total cholesterol content in plasma was 93 mg% .and
in adrenals this amounted to 2640 mg% In renal hypertensive
rats total cholesterol content of kidney decreased.
The coefficient of correlation between arterial bleod
pressure and kidney cholesterol content was r=-0.66.
In adrenals, the hypertensive rats showed an increase in
total cholesterol content (r=0.48.) and reached to the
value of 3782 mg%
4. The interrelationships between organ weight, organ
volume, density of varying composition of organs in
renal hypertension were discussed.
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