RAI에 대한 갑상선 흡수율 증진에 관한 연구
Study on the Increased Uptake of RAI by the Thyroid Gland.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):23-28
The changes of thyroid J131 uptake in rabbits after
ligating thyroidal vessels. fasting for 24-hours. X-Ray
general irradiation and P.H.P.(parahydroxypropiophenone)
administration are investigated.
Total 135 female rabbits weighing between 1.01 kg
and 1.32kg has been used for study.
For the first group. thyroid vein. artery and. vein
and artery are ligated in 45 rabbits. 15 in each. under
general ether anaesthesia. After this procedure. 15,uc
of J131 in 1cc of water solution is injected into abdomen
alcavity. 24hour thyroid 1131 uptake is estimated by sc
in-tillation counter.
For the second group. 15 female rabbits are fasted
for 24 hours and administered with 15,uc of lI31 in
1 cc water solution. 24hour thyroid lI31 uptake is
For the third group. 30 female rabbits are divided
into 3 groups. 10 in each. Each subdivived groups
are irradiated with 50 ria every other day for 5 days.
On the end of irradiation 15,uc of lI31 is administered
with 1 cc of water solution into abdominal cavity. 24
hour thyroid lI31 uptake is counted.
For the 4th group. 30 female rabbits are subdivided
into 3 groups. 10 in each. Each subdivided
groups are administered with 50 mg. 100mg and 150
mg of P.H.P. daily for successive 5 days. Rabbits
are put under rest for 5 days after drug administration
and 15,uc of 1131 in 1 cc water solution is administered
into abdominal cavity. 24hour thyroid lI31
uptake is measured.
15 rabbits without any treatment are used as a
control group.
The results are as follows.
(1) In the group of thyroid vein ligation. there
was 15% increase in thyroid lI31 uptake. However.
there were little change in thyroid artery
ligation and thyroid artery and Vein ligation
group in comparison with control.
(2) In the fasted group the thyroid lI31 uptake has
decreased on the contrary to our expectation.
(3) The irradiated group showed some increase in
thyroid lI31 uptake. particularly in group of 100
ria daily dose. The increases are as follows. in
l00r/a dose group from 16% to 26%. in 50r/a
dose group from 16% to 20% and in 150ria
dose group from 16% to 22%.
(4) The animals being treated with P.H.P revealed
some decreases in lI31 thyroid uptake. However
there were no clear relationship between administered
dose and decrease of uptake. It is
noteworthy to mention that there were only a
little variation of lI31 uptake in relation to
animal individuality.
(5) We have suggested some possibility of improvement
in the treatment of hyperthyroidism
and thyroid cancer by combining thyroid artery
ligation along with lI31 administration.
(6) The combination of thyroid vein ligation. X·
Ray irradiation and lI31 administration may be
more beneficial in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis.
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