한국인의 간경변증에 관한 부검통계
A Statistical Study of Liver Cirrhosis in Koreans Based upon Autopsy Studies

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1961;2(1):79-93
Although liver cirrhosis has been recognized as a
relatively common disease in Korea there have been
almost no statistical reports concerning cirrhosis.
I present here a statistical study of liver cirrhosis
from 1990 autopsies. performed in a period of seventeen
years(1929~19B, 1954~1957) in the Department
of Pathology, College of Medicine, Seoul National
In this study the classification of liver cirrhosis depended
upon the diagnosis noted on the autopsy protocol.
1. Incidence and types: There were eighty-five
cases of cirrhosis of liver(male seventy-one cases femalefourteen
cases), accounting for 7.79% of all auto-psied cases.
The types of liver cirrhosis, which were recognized
in this study, were as follows; Laennec's liver
cirrhosis, forty-two cases(male thirty-eight cases,
female four cases), biliary liver cirrhosis, six cases
(male five cases, female one case), cardiac liver cirrhosis.
fourteen casesr male nine cases, female five
cases), parasitic liver cirrhosis, ten cases(male ten
cases), Morbus Banti, twelve cases/male eight cases,
female four cases), undetermined type, one case(male
one case).
2. From the chronological standpoint there was an
increase in incidence of cirrhosis in recent years.
3. There was an increase in incidence after the
third decade, with the peak in the fifth decade. Diagrams
of the incidence of types of liver cirrhosis in
the various age groups are shown.
4. The incidence among females has increased in
recent years.
5. Studies concerning jaundice, ascites, weights of
liver and spleen, and other pathologic anatomical
findings in the types of cirrhosis of the liver were
6. It has found that the blood pressures of patients
with liver cirrhosis but without renal disease were
generally low. Not only were the average blood
pressures of such patients below hypertensive levels
(Master etal) but they were actually lower than
average normal blood pressures in healthy individuals(
Symonds). On the other hand, in this series
there were four cases of cirrhosis associated with
renal disease, of these cases, one had moderate hypertension,
one had minimal hypertension, one had
normal blood pressure and one had hypotension
7. There were seven cases of cirrhosis of liver
with hepatom(8. 23% of all liver cirrhosis cases).and
four cases of Laennec's cirrhosis with hepatom 9.5% of
all Laennec's cirrhosis cases.
8. The clinical diagnosis was madeaccurately III
about one half of the cases in which liver cirrhosis
was ascertained in autopsiesas a chief or an accessory
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