급성실혈동물의 적혈구삼투적위약성 변화
Alteration of osmotic fragility in acute hemorrhage

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고재평; 신동훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(1):69-75
A blood reservoir was connected to the carotid
artery of adult rabbit and its height was adjusted
such that the arterial blood pressure to be maintain
ed at the predetermined leve l. After the pressure
being kept at 40-70 mmHg for approximately 2 hours
spontaneous reinfusion of shed blood began to take
place , indicating a serious deterioration in the circu•
latory system of the animal. At the time when
such reinfusion was taking place a blood sample was
taken and the osmotic fragility of the red blood cell
was tested by means of the multiple tubes of hypoto
nic saline solution method. Fragility of the blood
cell of the hemorrhagic shocked animal was compared
with that of blood taken before hypotensive state
A preliminary experiment was made to confirm
that the blood fragility would not be affected by
simple s'urgicaI treatments such as ‘ anesthetizing"
and ‘ keeping vessels exposed’ for 2 hours without
The data obtained were treated by probit-analysis
method and the mean corpuscular fragility (50%
hemolysis) was determined. The saline concentration
at which the hemolysis start to occur and
that at which the blood cells completely hemolyzed
were also estimated by the extrapolation. These
values for the blood of shock stage were compared
with those of the control blood.
In an attempt to clarify which component was
responsible for the alteration of the fragility, the
mixtures of “ shocked" plasma with ‘ normal" blood
and ‘ normal" plasma with “ shocked" blood cells
were incubated at 37°C for 30 minutes or I hour
and the fragility in such cases was measured.
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