한국 간호원의 간호상에 대한 연구
A Study on Self-Image of Korean Nurses

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이소우; 김순자
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(4):224-232
The two purpose of this study was to find the self·
image of Korean Nurses ₩o r k i n g in hospitals. camm·
unity areas and in nursing schools; the other was to
explore the possible influence of certain factors on the
levels in nursing image ‘ For this research SINS (Self·
Image of the Nurse Scale) was administered from May
1978 to October 1978 to a sampling of 559 nurses.
The major findings of this study were as follows;
a) The mean score of nursing image of Korean
Nurses was 3.18.
b) The related factor of SINS with the highest
mean score (3.58) is the nature and role of nursing,
and the factor with the lowest nursing image is about
job satisfaction such as salary (2.34) or hard task
(2.55) ,
c) There was the significant difference among the
mean scores of nursing image in nurses, those who
are older (r=.182), those who hold higher positions
(r=.183), but no significant difference of nursing
image in nurses those have a different level of nursing
education (r=.055)
d) Married nurses, nurses with religion , nurses
working in community. had more positive image in
nursing than single. nurses without religion. nurses working in hospitals.
e) According to salary satisfaction, there was the
significant difference in nursing image; satisfied group
in salary had the most positive nursing image. (F =
3.561, P<.05)
f) The last reasons among the selected motivation
of career as a nursing were 1) a chance of going
abroad, 2) low cost of nursing education, 3) recognition
on the society’s demands, 4) economic independence,
5) religious belief, 6) service interest. Among
them, there was a significant difference in the image
of nursing. (F=3.655, P<.OO1)
g) The first reasons among the motivation of working
were 1) service interest, 2) religious belief,
3) recognition on the society’s demands, 4) economic
independence. 5) activities interest out of home.
There was a significant difference in self-image of
nurses. (F=4.367, P<.OO1)
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