간경변증환자의 복수량 간접측정
Estimation of Ascitic Fluid Volumes in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

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백구현; 한심석
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(1):95-98
This study usinig the indirect dilution method
employing bromsulfalein was undertaken to measure ascitic fluid volumes of patients who had the
classical manifestations of portal cirrhosis with
ascites. In addition, the investigation was designed
to compare the results of the indirect method with
that of the direct method of paracentesis. The
bromsulfalein dilution method described by Baker,
et aI. , was followed: A sample of ascitic fluid
approximately equal to the volume of bromsulfalein
to be injected, was withdrawn through a 20-gauge
needle. Five millimeters of 5 % B.S,P, solution was
injected through the same needle. After injection,
the needle was withdrawn, the abdomen was
ballotted, and the pati~nt’s position shifted frequently
during a 15 minute period. A 20-gauge needle
was then inserted intraperitonealy at a site 15 to
20em. away from the site of the previous injection.
and ascitic fluid samples were periodically withdrawn.
Following the indirect measurement of ascitic
fluid volume in 7 patients, paracentesis were performed
to obtain a direct measurement of the ascitc
fluid volumes. The results are summarized as follows.
1) No toxic or side reactions were noted after
intraperitoneal injection of B.S.P. solut'on.
2) The mean value of ascitic fluid volumes by
indirect measurement in the 12 cases is 8, 533
millilters, and in 7 of these patients, the mean
volume by direct measurement is 7,990 milliliters.
It can be seen that the two volumes compare
favorablo with a mean difference of 420 milliliters.
2) FOr routine clinical purposes, B.S.P. may be
used to estimate ascitic fluid volumes of liver
cirrhosis by the indirect dilutbn method.
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