한국산 웅성 "참개구리"의 임신반응에 관한 연구
Studies of Pregnancy Test using the Male Rana Nigromaculata Hallowell., Indigenous Frog of Korea.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(3):35-48
A positive response was the presence of sperm in
the frog ’s cloacal urine two hours after injecting a
specimen into its dorsal lymph sac.
The test was performed using a urine specimen from
120 normal pregnant women, and from 52 pathological
pregnancy cases such as hydatidiform mole, chorio·
epithelioma, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, missed aboI"
tion and fetal death in utero. Serum specimens from
110 normal pregnant women were also studied.
To shorten the response time , hyaluronidase was
added to the urine and serum specimens. The test was
also carried out to determine the response in either
summer or winter under various temperature condit-
Specimens stored at room temperature or refrigerated
were tested. Responses to specimens obtained in
early gestation and in the puerperal period were noted.
Other body fluids such as saliva , milk , amniotic fluid
and spinal fluid were also utilized to determine their
effects on the frog. Response to human placental ext·
ract and urine from patients with various neoplasms
in addition to various hormones such as estrogen,
progesterone, testosterone , cortisone, pituitrin, and
adrenaline were also studied. Finally, the time·dose
relationship and the sperm number-dose relationship
were observed.
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