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Induction of Aquired Tolerance of HOIllologous Skin Grafts in Dogs.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(3):97-101
Since Billingham’s success of inducing acquired toleranee
of homologous skin graft by prenatal injection
of spleen cells in mice Woodruff et al and Egdahl et al
also produced tolerance in rats injected postnatally
with spleen cells, while Kim successfully induced
tolerance by postnatal injection of refrigerated whole
blood as well as spleen cells.
This study was performed to see whether postpartum
mduction of tolerance to homologous skin in dogs
which are rather high phylogenetically can be produced
by injecting whole blood as well as spleen cells.
Twenty puppies from 3 Mongrel mother dogs were
used as recipients and 3 male adult Shepherd dogs
were used as donors.
As the control animals an optional unrelated Shep·
hered dog or Mongrel dog, mother dogs and the same
litter siblings were used.
Each recipient was injected intraperitoneally with
3. Occ-5.Occ of spleen cell suspension or whole blood
from prospective donors on the day of birth and at the
age of 40-56 days was grafted with skin of 2. 0 em.
x 3. 0 em. from corresponding cell donors , optional
dogs and siblings.
Of the 12 grafted dogs 2 animals of 2 litters injected
with spleen cells showed prolonged survival of donor
skin(23-28 days after grafting), followed by the chronic
rejection; whereas the skin from unrelated donor and
mother dog sloughed within the first postoperative week
and the reciprocal skin grafts of the same Jitter
ap-imals were rejected within 10 days with the typical
pattern of homograft rejection.
In animals of 2 litters injected with whole blood grafts
from corresponding cell donors also survived for 22•29
days after grafting while the control grafts sloughed
from 7•10 days postoperatively
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