Guillain-Barre syndrome 환자의 진단과 근전도소견
Electromyographic Findings in Diagnosis of Guillian-Barre Syndrome.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(1):131-136
Electrodiagnostic study-nerve conduction study
and electromyography-play an important role in
diagnosis and possibly in predicting prognosis of
Guillian-Barre Syndrome
In the present series , median , ulnar, tibial and
peroneal nerves were studied elcctrodiagnostically in
24 patients ranging from 2 to 73 years of age (17
males and 7 females).
The results are summarized as follows:
1. Mean motor nerve distal latency was 3.~:ι0 ,9
Insec in median , 3. 3±1. 8 msec in ulnar, 5. 4:::r:. 1. 7
msec in peroneal, and 5. 4±1. 7 msec in tibial nerve•
all within normal range, Delayed distal latency in
one or more nerves was observed in G cases and 110
response In one or more nerves in 11 cases
2. Motor conduction velocity was 49. 8±~. ~ Mltec
in median, 50. 2±1l. ~ Mlsec in ulnar, 42. 7±~. ~
Mlsec in peroneal, and 57. 00±5. 7 Mlsec in tibial
statically slowed compared to normal pouplation.
3. Distal latency of SNAP was 2. 7±O. 5 msec in
median , 2. 4±O. 6 msec in ulnar 2.5士0.7 mscc in
sup. peroneal; and 2. 3±O. 6 msec in sural nerve~all
within normal limi t.
4. Amplitude of SNAP is 36.1±15. OmV in median ,
39. 6±16. 2mV in ulnar, 15. 6±5. 9mV in sup. peroneal
and 29. 8±19.8mV in sural nerves-all within normal
limi t.
Amplitude was below normal in one or more neves
in 5 cases and totally absent in one or morc nerves
in 6 cases.
5. There was no significant relation between the
elevated protain in CSF and MCV.
6. MCV of median nerve was significantly lower
in patient within 3 weeks of onset than after 3 weeks.
7. Fibrillation potential was seen in 19 cases,
positive sharp wave in 21 cases, increased insertional
activity in 11 cases, polyphasic in 8 cases, decreased
or absent motor unit potential in 21 cases.
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