Effect of Regenerating Liver Cytosol on Liver Regeneration in Rats with Liver Cirrhosis
쥐의 간경변증에서 간재샘에 대한 재샘 간세포 추출물의 효과

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Lee, Kuhn Uk
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(3):403-412
The nature and origin of the regeneration
promoting substances remain in dispute_ Portal
blood factors have a specific effect on hepatic
regeneration following partial hepatectomy_ 5t
arzl et al (l973, 1979) proposed the multifactorial
hypothesis. The pancreatic control was the most
important, but the other nonhepatic splachnic
organs did also some role in regeneration after
partial hepatectomy in their experiment using
the evisceration procedures.
An additional question is whether they initiate
regeneration or merely permit the process
to proceed. While portal blood factors clearly
influence hepatic regeneration, they may not
initiate this process but merely play a permissive
role (Bucher et aI. , 1978; Price , 1976). The
actual genesis may start in the liver itself (Levi
et aI. , 1971) . The interaction of factors that
originate within the liver can contribute, regulate,
or even initiate the actual development of
liver regeneration after liver cell necrosis or
partial hepatectomy. Labreque and Pesch(1975)
demonstrated regenerative stimulator in the supernatant
of an extract of rat liver mash. The
regenerative stimulator was present not only in
t 1984년 7월 9 일 접수
the liver mash of very young rat , but in the
active regenerating remnant liver after partial
hepatectomy in adult rat(LaBreque, 1979; Makowka,
Liver cytosol fractions not only stimulate the
rate of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy
in rats and dogs or after portacaval shunts
in dogs(5tarzl et aI. , 1979) , but also after toxininduced
hepatic necrosis (Makowka et aI. , 1981)
and in a model of acute ethanol-induced inhibition
of hepatic regeneration (Makowka, 1983).
In acute hepatic failure this regenerating liver
cytosol (RLC) dose the deliveratε enhancement
or stimulation of regeneration in surviving or
uninjured liver cells and the promotion of repair
in the acutely damaged liver which has not
respond with suitable or spontaneous regeneralion.
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