Selective decrease of chick embryonic primordial germ cells in vivo and in vitro by soft X-ray irradiation

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Lim, Jeong M.; Kwon, Huck M.; Kim, Duk K.; Kim, Jin N.; Park, Tae S.; Ono, Tamao; Han, Jae Yong

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Animal Reproduction Science, vol.95 no.1-2, pp. 67-74
ChickenPrimordial germ cellGonadal cellX-irradiationHatchabilityCell viability
The feasibility of soft (low-energy) X-ray irradiation as a means of depleting the endogenous primordial
germ cell(s) (PGC) of chicken embryos, to improve the efficiency of germ cell-mediated transgenesis,
was investigated. Eggs were subjected to a non-irradiated control treatment and embryos were exposed
for 40 s to soft X-ray at 15, 16.5, or 18 kV (∼1.5, 1.65, and 1.8 Gy, respectively). Exposure of stage X
embryos to each dose of X-ray resulted in a reduction of ∼50% in the number of PGC apparent at stage
28, whereas the total number of gonadal cells was unaffected. Irradiation (16.5 kV) of embryos at stage
9 or 14 also resulted in similar decreases in the number of PGC with no effect on the total number of
gonadal cells. Irradiation did not affect embryo hatchability, compared with the non-irradiated control
treatment, although the hatch rate increased with the age of embryos at the time of irradiation. Exposure
of gonadal cells isolated from stage 28 embryos to X-ray (16.5 kV, ∼0.8 Gy) prevented the increase
in PGC number during subsequent culture for 10 days; the increase in the total number of gonadal cells
was not affected. In conclusion, exposure of chicken embryos to a low dose of soft X-rays is effective
for depleting the endogenous PGC population without affecting embryo hatchability or somatic cell
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