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Innovation in East Africa: An Exploration of Open Development Approaches : 동아프리카의 혁신: 개방형 개발 접근에 대해서 탐색

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사범대학 협동과정글로벌교육협력전공
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서울대학교 대학원
학위논문 (박사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 사범대학 협동과정글로벌교육협력전공, 2018. 8. 유성상.
The main purpose of this study is first to determine the core concepts of open development approach that set the theoretical open development model by putting forward better future open development plans and practices in comparison to traditional developmental approaches. This study took three case studies which appeared to be built around an open development approach and attempts to test and critically analyze, within the limits of three case studies, the efficacy of this approach. The cases are emerging innovative entrepreneurial enterprises at work in the East African developing countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

The study first examines the theoretical underpinnings of the approach and how the theory supports the application of open development approach. From there, the open development approach was conceived intellectually, and scholars tried to lay out characteristics of the approach (even as projects/cases were already underway or in use). The open development approach is about innovative initiatives that employ knowledge which is built and shared collectively and networked in design with a locally-derived idea to be applied to local context and needs. The key characteristics of the approach reveals that ideas have evolved out of the opportunities afforded by emerging technologies, networks and learning and provided the opportunity to solve local problems. They are also networked in design and grow extensively within the networks. In addition, knowledge is built and shared collectively which eventually results in societal benefits. This helps provide for favorable conditions for people to bring the solutions themselves and adequately satisfy their needs while protecting their wellbeing.

The analysis of the outcomes of this societal development ranges from whether the communities or societies benefit from the use of this approach through the impacts on their lifestyle, to increasing the openness of access to knowledge and information. The impacts of the open development approach as discovered from the study indicates that services provided by the cases are diversified
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