서구명상학(Contemplative Studies)과 한국에서의 적용 가능성 연구 : A Study on Western Contemplative Studies and Its Adaptability in Korea

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종교학연구, Vol.36, pp. 49-73
명상학관조학명상명상적 종교 전통한국적 명상학Contemplative StudiesMeditationContemplative Religious TraditionKorean Contemplative Studies
This Paper examines on Contemplative Studies (CS) in the West and Its adaptability in Korea. CS is an interdisciplinary field focusing on practices and experiences related to contemplation and meditation. There are various elements of western society in the background of CS, and the same phenomenon can be found contemporary Korea religious phenomenon. But there was a rare study about considerations on the environments about the western that can foster CS. This paper introduces sociocultural context, attributes, discourse on western CS and explores its adaptability in a particular Korean religious situation and studies.
The emergence of CS lies on critical reflection of postmodernism, brisk studies on human consciousness in multiple fields and change of academy and the public about contemplation and meditation. Now these became a way of living in many westerns. CS shows some peculiar features from previous academic religious studies, which are open to first-person critical study, interdisciplinary(including study and pedagogy), focusing on context of religious tradition. and the current criticism on CS has two parts, which are subjectivity and tradition centering.
Korea has multi-religiosity and the social perception of meditation changes from the Buddhist tradition to the therapeutic method for well-being along with western post secular society. So Korean CS can improve for grasping multi-layered religiosity in Korea and methodological development in religious studies and from the de-westernized critical reflection of Korea religious studies can contribute to CS.
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Religious Studies (종교학과)종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 36집(2018)
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