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Translocation of residual ethoprophos and tricyclazole from soil to spinach

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Yuan, Xiu; Lee, Junghak; Han, Heeju; Ju, Boeun; Park, Eunyoung; Shin, Yongho; Lee, Jonghwa; Kim, Jeong-Han

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Springer Open
Applied Biological Chemistry. 2021 Jun 22;64(1):47
The dissipation of ethoprophos and tricyclazole in soil and their translocation tendency to spinach were investigated. Prior to field trials, the analytical method for the determination of these pesticide residues was optimized and validated on soil and spinach. The field trial was conducted under greenhouse conditions for two different pretreatment periods with the pesticides. After treating with pesticides 30 (PBI-30) and 60days (PBI-60) before seeding, soil samples were collected on different days for the dissipation study of soil. Spinach samples were harvested from the soil, and 50% and 100% mature spinach samples were collected. The initial amounts of ethoprophos residue in the PBI-60 and PBI-30 soils were 0.21 and 2.74mg/kg, respectively, and these both decreased to less than 0.01mg/kg on the day of spinach harvest. Similar initial residues of tricyclazole were observed in the PBI-60 (0.87mg/kg) and PBI-30 soils (0.84mg/kg), and these decreased to 0.44 and 0.34mg/kg, respectively. The half-lives of ethoprophos in the soils were calculated as 7.6 and 4.8days, respectively, while relatively long half-lives of 36.5 and 77.0days were calculated for tricyclazole. According to the pesticide residue amounts in the spinach, the translocation rate from the soil to the spinach was determined. In the case of ethoprophos, the residual amount was already rapidly degraded in the soil, and the translocation rate could not be confirmed. On the other hand, for tricyclazole, it was confirmed that 1.19 to 1.61% of the residual amount in soil was transferred to spinach. According to these results, safe management guidelines for tricyclazole in soil were suggested considering the maximum residue limit on spinach.
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