Synthesis of mesoporous γ-aluminas of controlled pore properties using alkyl carboxylate assisted method : Synthesis of mesoporous gamma-aluminas of controlled pore properties using alkyl carboxylate assisted method

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Kim, Younghun; Kim, Changmook; Choi, Jang Wook; Kim, Pil; Yi, Jongheop

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Elsevier BV
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, Vol.146, pp.209-212
Mesoporous gamma-alumina (MA) was prepared by alkyl carboxylate assisted method. Pore properties of MAs could be controlled by carbon tail length of template, the molar ratio of sec-butanol to isooctane or water to aluminum precursor, and calcination conditions. The crystalline phase of MA after calcinations was gamma-Al2O3. The pore size of MAs decreased from 7.7 nm to 3.5 mn with the decrease in the ratio of water to aluminium ion, while the pore uniformity was enhanced. Isooctane as a co-solvent acted as an expander of the pores. In addition, as increasing the molar ratio of sec-butanol to isooctane, pore size increased from 2.3 nm to 3.5 nm and both pore uniformity and framework porosity was improved.
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