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자율배식과 교사배식에 따른 유아의 어린이집 점심급식 섭취 사례 비교 : Comparison of the Cases of Childrens Intake Between Self-served and Teacher-served Lunches in Child Care Centers

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여윤재; 권수연; 김미영; 윤지현

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한국지역사회생활과학회지, Vol.31 No.2, pp.169-180
Lunches at child care centers are important in terms of nutrition and dietary education. The purpose of this study was to compare the food and nutrient intake of children between self-served and teacher-served lunches in two child care centers.
Lunchtime observations and dietary intake assessments using a digital photography method were conducted with children aged four to five years attending a child care center that provided self-served lunches (n=36) and those attending a child care center that provided teacher-served lunches (n=33) in November 2014. The length of serving and eating time was similar in the two groups. The children eating self-served lunches ate significantly more rice and main dishes (meat·fish·egg and bean group) and less kimchi and side dishes (vegetable group) than those eating the teacher-served lunches. Childrens energy and protein intake from the self-served lunches did not differ significantly from that from the teacher-served lunches. In conclusion, a self-served lunch service could be a feasible option without increasing the length of lunchtime and the nutritional risk of children at child care centers.
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