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Flexible and Stretchable Light-Emitting Diodes and Photodetectors for Human-Centric Optoelectronics

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Chang, Sehui; Koo, Ja Hoon; Yoo, Jisu; Kim, Min Seok; Choi, Moon Kee; Kim, Dae-Hyeong; Song, Young Min

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American Chemical Society
Chemical Reviews, Vol.124 No.3, pp.768-859
Optoelectronic devices with unconventional form factors, such as flexible and stretchable light-emitting or photoresponsive devices, are core elements for the next-generation human-centric optoelectronics. For instance, these deformable devices can be utilized as closely fitted wearable sensors to acquire precise biosignals that are subsequently uploaded to the cloud for immediate examination and diagnosis, and also can be used for vision systems for human-interactive robotics. Their inception was propelled by breakthroughs in novel optoelectronic material technologies and device blueprinting methodologies, endowing flexibility and mechanical resilience to conventional rigid optoelectronic devices. This paper reviews the advancements in such soft optoelectronic device technologies, honing in on various materials, manufacturing techniques, and device design strategies. We will first highlight the general approaches for flexible and stretchable device fabrication, including the appropriate material selection for the substrate, electrodes, and insulation layers. We will then focus on the materials for flexible and stretchable light-emitting diodes, their device integration strategies, and representative application examples. Next, we will move on to the materials for flexible and stretchable photodetectors, highlighting the state-of-the-art materials and device fabrication methods, followed by their representative application examples. At the end, a brief summary will be given, and the potential challenges for further development of functional devices will be discussed as a conclusion.
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