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A 3-Mbps, 802.11g-Based EMG Recording System With Fully Implantable 5-Electrode EMGxbrk Acquisition Device

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Ng, Kian Ann; Rusly, Astrid; Gammad, Gil Gerald Lasam; Le, Nguyen; Liu, Shih-Chiang; Leong, Khay-Wai; Zhang, Miaolin; Ho, John S.; Yoo, Jerald; Yen, Shih-Cheng

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Vol.14 No.4, pp.889-902
We have developed a 5-electrode recording system that combines an implantable electromyography (EMG) device package with transcutaneous inductive power transmission, near-infrared (NIR) transcutaneous data telemetry and 3 Mbps Wi-Fi data acquisition for chronic EMG recording in vivo. This system comprises a hermetically-sealed single-chip, 5-electrode Implantable EMG Acquisition Device (IEAD), a custom external powering and Implant Telemetry Module (ITM), and a custom Wi-Fi-based Raspberry Pi-based Data Acquisition (RaspDAQ) and relay device. The external unit (ITM and RaspDAQ) is powered entirely by a single battery to achieve the objective of untethered EMG recording, for the convenience of clinicians and animal researchers. The IEAD acquires intramuscular EMG signals at 17.85 ksps/electrode while being powered transcutaneously by the ITM using 22 MHz near-field inductive coupling. The acquired EMG data is transmitted transcutaneously via NIR telemetry to the ITM, which in turn, transfers the data to the RaspDAQ for relaying to a laptop computer for display and storage. We have also validated the complete system by acquiring EMG signals from rodents for up to two months. Following the explantation of the devices, we have also conducted failure and histological analysis on the devices and the surrounding tissue, respectively.
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