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Low-Common Mode Voltage H-Bridge Converter with Additional Switch Legs

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Shin, Jong-Won; Shin, Hojoon; Seo, Gab-Su; Ha, Jung-Ik; Cho, Bo-Hyung

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol.28 No.4, pp.1773-1782
H-bridge converter with additional switch legs (HA converter) and its offspring circuit are proposed in this paper with the intent to reduce the common mode noise. The proposed topology connects grounds of the input and output terminals, which gives zero common mode current in the ideal case. The operation of the proposed circuit is flexible and allows for the circuit to be capable of both ac-dc and dc-ac conversions. The proposed topology is especially advantageouswhen it is applied to the photovoltaic power conditioning system in dc distribution system or stand-alone power system because they include large stray capacitances and are prone to common mode EMI. In this paper, a 4-switch HA (HA4S) converter for both ac-dc rectification and dc-ac inversion is derived from the proposed HA converter as the implementation example. The experimental results based on the proposed and the conventional prototype circuits prove that the HA4S converter outperforms the conventional counterparts.
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Research Area DC-DC and AC-DC power conversion, DC-DC 및 AC-DC 전력변환, converter modeling, high-density, high-frequency power conversion, 고밀도 고주파 전력 변환, 컨버터 모델링


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