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Polytope Sector-Based Synthesis and Analysis of Microstructural Architectures With Tunable Thermal Conductivity and Expansion

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Hopkins, Jonathan B.; Song, Yuanping; Lee, Howon; Fang, Nicholas X.; Spadaccini, Christopher M.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Journal of Mechanical Design - Transactions of the ASME, Vol.138 No.5, p. 051401
The aim of this paper is to (1) introduce an approach, called polytope sector-based synthesis (PSS), for synthesizing 2D or 3D microstructural architectures that exhibit a desired bulk-property directionality (e.g., isotropic, cubic, orthotropic, etc.), and (2) provide general analytical methods that can be used to rapidly optimize the geometric parameters of these architectures such that they achieve a desired combination of bulk thermal conductivity and thermal expansion properties. Although the methods introduced can be applied to general beam-based microstructural architectures, we demonstrate their utility in the context of an architecture that can be tuned to achieve a large range of extreme thermal expansion coefficients-positive, zero, and negative. The materialproperty- combination region that can be achieved by this architecture is determined within an Ashby-material-property plot of thermal expansion versus thermal conductivity using the analytical methods introduced. These methods are verified using finite-element analysis (FEA) and both 2D and 3D versions of the design have been fabricated using projection microstereolithography.
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