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Atomic-layer-confined multiple quantum wells enabled by monolithic bandgap engineering of transition metal dichalcogenides

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Kim, Yoon Seok; Kang, Sojung; So, Jae-Pil; Kim, Jong Chan; Kim, Kangwon; Yang, Seunghoon; Jung, Yeonjoon; Shin, Yongjun; Lee, Seongwon; Lee, Donghun; Park, Jin-Woo; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Jeong, Hu Young; Park, Hong-Gyu; Lee, Gwan-HyoungLee, Chul-Ho

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American Association for the Advancement of Science
Science advances, Vol.7 No.13, p. eabd7921
Quantum wells (QWs), enabling effective exciton confinement and strong light-matter interaction, form an essential building block for quantum optoelectronics. For two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors, however, constructing the QWs is still challenging because suitable materials and fabrication techniques are lacking for bandgap engineering and indirect bandgap transitions occur at the multilayer. Here, we demonstrate an unexplored approach to fabricate atomic-layer-confined multiple QWs (MQWs) via monolithic bandgap engineering of transition metal dichalcogenides and van der Waals stacking. The WOX/WSe2 hetero-bilayer formed by monolithic oxidation of the WSe2 bilayer exhibited the type I band alignment, facilitating as a building block for MQWs. A superlinear enhancement of photoluminescence with increasing the number of QWs was achieved. Furthermore, quantum-confined radiative recombination in MQWs was verified by a large exciton binding energy of 193 meV and a short exciton lifetime of 170 ps. This work paves the way toward monolithic integration of band-engineered hetero-structures for 2D quantum optoelectronics.
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Research Area 2D materials, 2차원 물질, Smiconductor process, semiconductor devices, 반도체 공정, 반도체 소자


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