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Digital twin-based design and techno-economic analysis of solar hydrail as future locomotive

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Park, Byunghwa; Song, Junseok; Eom, Dongguen; Choi, Jihwan; Kim, Sung Jae; Park, Sangwook

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Pergamon Press Ltd.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.56, pp.1216-1226
A clean solar hydrail, a locomotive operated by solar and hydrogen energy, has received significant attention as an alternative to a current fossil fuel-based locomotive. Nevertheless, the feasibility test of solar hydrail is still challenging since it has not yet been practically developed. Herein, we employed digital twin technology to design and operate solar hydrail and diesel locomotive. 30 years of operation simulation starting from 2021 was conducted based on the data of Gangwon-do, South Korea. It was confirmed that replacing the single diesel locomotive with solar hydrail can provide about 59 % lower net present cost and annual harmful emission reduction of approximately 300 tons. Sensitivity analyses were also conducted to mitigate future uncertainty, and the solar hydrail was a better option than the diesel locomotive in every scenario. This study demonstrates that solar hydrail is the successful substitute for the diesel locomotive currently operated in South Korea.
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Research Area Clean Hydrogen Production and Storage, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Carbon Utilization, Water & Air Purification, 오염수 및 대기 정화 기술, 온실 기체 절감 및 탄소 자원화, 친환경 수소 생산 및 저장


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