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Machine learning identifies scale-free properties in disordered materials

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Yu, Sunkyu; Piao, Xianji; Park, Namkyoo

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Nature Publishing Group
Nature Communications, Vol.11 No.1, p. 4842
The vast amount of design freedom in disordered systems expands the parameter space for signal processing. However, this large degree of freedom has hindered the deterministic design of disordered systems for target functionalities. Here, we employ a machine learning approach for predicting and designing wave-matter interactions in disordered structures, thereby identifying scale-free properties for waves. To abstract and map the features of wave behaviors and disordered structures, we develop disorder-to-localization and localization-to-disorder convolutional neural networks, each of which enables the instantaneous prediction of wave localization in disordered structures and the instantaneous generation of disordered structures from given localizations. We demonstrate that the structural properties of the network architectures lead to the identification of scale-free disordered structures having heavy-tailed distributions, thus achieving multiple orders of magnitude improvement in robustness to accidental defects. Our results verify the critical role of neural network structures in determining machine-learning-generated real-space structures and their defect immunity. The performance of a trained neural network may be biased even by generic features of its architecture. Yu et al. ask for the disordered lattice of atoms producing a certain wave localization and the network prefers to answer with power-law distributed displacements.
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Research Area Disordered, Open-System Wave Mechanics, Photonic AI Systems, Photonic Neuromorphic Devices, 광학 뉴로모픽 소자, 광학 인공지능 시스템, 무질서, 열린계 파동역학


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