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A Simple Method to Produce an Aluminum Oxide-Passivated Tungsten Diselenide/n-Type Si Heterojunction Solar Cell with High Power Conversion Efficiency

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Rehman, Malik Abdul; Kim, Minjae; Pawar, Sachin A.; Park, Sewon; Nasir, Naila; Kim, Dong-eun; Khan, Muhammad Farooq; Nguyen, Van Huy; Chabungbam, Akendra Singh; Seo, Yongho; Sakurai, Takeaki; Chun, Seung-Hyun; Koo, Do Hyoung; Lee, Chul-Ho; Jun, Seong Chan; Park, Hyung-Ho

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John Wiley & Sons Inc.
International Journal of Energy Research, Vol.2023, p. 8195624
Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) materials are attractive candidates for 2D solar cell devices thanks to their straightforward integration with various substrates and traditional semiconductor technologies, wide band gap ranges over the visible light spectrum, and high absorption coefficient values. Although there are several previous reports on the fabrication of 2D material-based solar cells, difficult and complex processes in the fabrication are highly required to be modified for wider use in daily life applications. Photolithography, the most commonly used manufacturing process for TMDC-based solar cells, is complicated. In this study, we demonstrate that the fabrication of 2D tungsten diselenide (WSe2) by adopting a wet transfer process with thermal release tape simplifies the manufacturing steps for TMDC-based solar cell devices. This simplification not only reduces the production cost by excluding several factors such as transmittance, thermal expansion, surface flatness, and durability but also improves the yield. Furthermore, a proof-of-concept demonstration of creating a WSe2/Si junction with an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) antireflective coating provided a power conversion efficiency of 6.39%, which is a significant improvement over that of a WSe2/Si solar cell without the antireflective coating layer (1.08%).
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