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The Analysis of Vitamin C Concentration in Organs of Gulo−/− Mice Upon Vitamin C Withdrawal

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Kim, Hyemin; Bae, Seyeon; Yu, Yeonsil; Kim, Yejin; Kim, Hang Rae; Hwang, YoungIl; Kang, Jae Seung; Lee, Wang Jae

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Immune Network, Vol.12 No.1, pp.18-26
Background: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for maintaining human life. Vitamin C insufficiency in the plasma is closely related with the development of scurvy. However, in vivo kinetics of vitamin C regarding its storage and consumption is still largely unknown. Methods: We used Gulo?/? mice, which cannot synthesize vitamin C like human. Vitamin C level in plasma and organs from Gulo?/?mice was examined, and it compared with the level of wild-type mice during 5 weeks. Results: The significant weight loss of Gulo?/? mice was shown at 3 weeks after vitamin C withdrawal. However, there was no differences between wild-type and vitamin C-supplemented Gulo?/?mice (3.3 g/L in drinking water). The concentration of vitamin C in plasma and organs was significantly decreased at 1week after vitamin C withdrawal. Vitamin C is preferentially deposited in adrenal gland, lymph node, lung, and brain. There were no significant changes in the numbers and CD4/CD8 ratio of splenocytes in Gulo?/? mice with vitamin C withdrawal for 4 weeks. And the architecture of spleen in Gulo?/? mice was disrupted at 5 weeks after vitamin C withdrawal. Conclusion: The vitamin C level of Gulo?/? mice was considerably decreased from 1 week after vitamin C withdrawal. Vitamin C is preferentially stored in some organs such as brain, adrenal gland and lung.
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