Empowerment의 개념 재정립 및 구조조정기 하에서의 도입방안
The Concepts and Implementation Plan of Empowerment under Restructuring Arena

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朴基贊; 崔炳又
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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.12, pp. 101-133
Empowerment, which is based on self-regulation and responsibility.

maximizes employee's competencies and reorganizes company itself into active


Empowerment also enables employees to lead their better lives and to

maximize their competencies by guaranteeing them to take part in organization

as main participants, not as mere management resources.

For this reason, empowerment is the most effective way to vitalize company's

entire system.

In other words, not only to the employees in organization but also to the

organization itself, empowerment is the way to develop and survive altogether.

But most Korean companies are not having an exact understanding of what

the general idea of empowerment is.

Even though it is being carried out. it doesn't bear fruits yet.

Accordingly, empowerment must be the critical strategy that all the Korean

companies should deeply consider in corporate management.
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