鐵道構造改革에 있어 組織分割과 統合 決定要因에 관한 硏究 - 維持補修機能을 中心으로 - <方演根․李光石․權容蔣>
Organizational Division and Integration in the Korean Rail Reform - Focused on Rail Track Maintenance Function -

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方演根; 李光石; 權容蔣
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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.12, pp. 135-159
Korean railroad industry has been under reform stage recently. This

study analyzed the issue whether infrastructure maintenance function is

divided from train operation function or not. But the maintenance function

done by Korean National Railroad(KNR1 includes infrastructure improvement

jobs transferred from the construction department of KNR. There are

some argues about this improvement function whether it is integrated to

maintenance function or not. This study shows the reasons why some of

this improvement jobs should be part of the maintenance organization.

The improvement function is classified into short-term and long-term ones.

This study developed three alternatives which contain these short-term or

long-term improvement function or not and criteria in terms of which these

three alternatives are evaluated. In terms of transaction cost, alternative I

which separates only the construction function from train operator has

advantage over other alternatives because the railroad industry is thought a efficient integrated system having formed in 100 years. In terms of ease

of transform. the alternative I has also advantage over other alternatives

because of small change' from now status quo. As regards to the constraint

that maintenance function and improvement function should be integrated.

alternative I1 which has maintenance and short-term improvement function

together has advantage due to consistency with practices. In terms of

clearance of the role between train operator and construction organization.

subject to above criteria mentioned, alternative I1 is thought as the best.

This study concludes alternative I1 is the best which government authority

could choose to reform the railroad industry now.
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