조직시민행동과 집단성과
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Group Performance

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.14, pp. 147-175
Despite the study of organizational citizenship behavior has been of central

importance to the field of organizational behavior, little empirical research

has tested the assumption that these forms of organizational citizenship

behavior improve the effectiveness of work groups. The main purpose of this

study is to investigate the effect of three dimensions of organizational

citizenship behavior on group performance.

In order to analyze the fitness of the research models and to test the

hypotheses, the data are collected from 194 group leaders and 656 group

members in various industries through the administration of structured

questionnaires. A series of covariance structure analysis is performed by the

AMOS package. The goodness of fit indices indicate that the fit of the

models to the data is generally good. In addition, all of three hypotheses are

supported by the data. The results exhibit that altruism, sportsmanship.

and civic virtue had a positive impact on the group performance. Theoretical

and practical implications are discussed and future research direction are

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College of Business Administration/Business School (경영대학/대학원)Institute of Industrial Relations (노사관계연구소)Seoul Journal of Industrial Relations (노사관계연구, SJIR)Journal of industrial relations vol.14 (2003) (노사관계연구)
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