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知識經營에 대한 探險的 硏究

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林昌喜; 洪龍基; 李弘基

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.09, pp. 1-23
A Knowledge-based theory of the firm can yield insights beyond the protection-centered and information age theories of the firm. It is a new view of the firm as paradigm. Concern about this issue derives from a wider interest of many researchers in the field of self-directed management and of organizational learning We have tried to find a concept among different perspectives on knowledge management. A practical framework of the enhancement of firm's competence through knowledge accumulations was developed as follows:

1. All human factors should be armed with information based knowledge and leaded by chief knowledge officer.

2. Learning organization is necessary to develope knowledge creation.

3. Organization has to be controlled by information based control system for the effective linkage of several sort of information.

4. Shared culture of knowledge internalized by all members must help organization generate and articulate a new form of knowledge.

5. Several information technologies and instrumental system may faster creation of knowledge.
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