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R&D硏究所의 人力 및 組織管理의 活性化를 위한 提言 : 조직, 인사, 프로젝트관리에 관한 12개 연구소의 실증조사를 중심으로

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.09, pp. 55-84
A questionnaire was developed to diagnose repeatedly the problems of 12 R&D institutions in the areas of organization. human resource. and project management. The development process and the result of survey using it (with about 30% sample of the 12 institutions) are described. followed by a proposal to innovate the 12 R&D institutions. Researchers' level of satisfaction towards their organization, department, and job was fairly low. On the average. the' 12 R&D institutions revealed a weak culture. where an organic culture (e.g.. innovative culture) was especially low when compared to the nature of their job (R&D). Mechanistic organizational structure seem to have a great influence on low MPS and researchers' high level of attention on position power(authoritv) rather than on expert or information power. When the level of satisfaction towards various aspects of human-resource management process was measured. none overpassed the midpoint(4.O) of 7-point scale. With respect to the project management. researchers revealed their satisfaction only on schedule management. Much dissatisfaction were on customer need assessment, pre- and post-project evaluation, and technology accumulation. Considering a management cycle (plan-do-see) of the project management, the results imply that the 12 R&D institutions has some strength in terms of 'doing' (e.g., schedule management) but lack much in 'planning' and 'seeing'.
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