Composition of a Dewarped and Enhanced Document Image From Two View Images

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Koo, Hyung Il; Kim, Jinho; Cho, Nam Ik

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 18, no. 7, pp. 1551-1562
Document dewarpingSpecular reflection removalRobust surface estimationDocument image stitching
Abstract—In this paper, we propose an algorithm to compose
a geometrically dewarped and visually enhanced image from two
document images taken by a digital camera at different angles.
Unlike the conventional works that require special equipments
or assumptions on the contents of books or complicated image
acquisition steps, we estimate the unfolded book or document
surface from the corresponding points between two images. For
this purpose, the surface and camera matrices are estimated using
structure reconstruction, 3D-projection analysis, and RANSAC
(RANdom SAmple Consensus)-based curve fitting with the cylindrical
surface model. Because we do not need any assumption
on the contents of books, the proposed method can be applied
not only to OCR (optical character recognition), but also to the
high-quality digitization of pictures in documents. In addition
to the dewarping for a structurally better image, image mosaic
is also performed for further improving the visual quality. By
finding better parts of images (with less out of focus blur and/or
without specular reflections) from either of views, we compose a
better image by stitching and blending them. These processes are
formulated as energy minimization problems that can be solved
using a graph cut method. Experiments on many kinds of book
or document images show that the proposed algorithm robustly
works and yields visually pleasing results. Also, the OCR rate of
the resulting image is comparable to that of document images
from a flatbed scanner.
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