다산과 주자의 설시법 비교: 효변(爻變)의 차이를 중심으로
A Comparative Study of Tasan`s and Chu-Hsi`s Casting Method of shicao (蓍草)(설시법 sheshifa): Focused on hsiao-pie(爻變)`s Difference

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서울대학교 종교학연구회
종교학연구, Vol.25, pp. 107-137
SheshifaChu-Hsi설시법the hexagram-Line transformaition Hsiao-piethe concept of Tien효변(爻變)
Tasan 茶山 had contributed on Korean l-hsueh 易學 by Four Commentaries on the Book of Changes 周易四箋. One chapter of this book, sbiguazhuan 蓍卦傳 written repering on jicizhuan 繫辭傳 of the Book of Changes. Method of determining hexagram using of fifty shicao 蓍草 iS called as sheshifa 渫蓍法. In this process, we can know which line iS pie-hsiao 變爻.

Interestingly, Tasans and Chu-Hsi 朱熹's sbesbifa are different in determining pie-hsiao, When many pie-hsiao appear, the method of Tasan is to determine one pie-hsiao among many of them, excepting yong-jiu 用九 in qian 乾 and yong-liu 用六 in kun 坤. At this time, he uses not fifty sbicao, but 11520's bamboo rods. On the other hand, Chu-Hsi's method is different in that, if many pie-bsiao appear, he allows all of them. This difference relates to their interpretations.
Tasan's sbesbifa based on the hexagram-line transformaition hsiao-pie
爻變, which is one of four methods of Four Commentaries on the Book of Changes - the hexagram-transformation, tui-yi 推移, the symbolicimage, wu-hsiang 物象, the nuclear trigram, hu-ti 互體, and the hexagram-line transformaition, hsiao-pie 爻變. Tasan's hsiao-pie was thought to be origianal by his own efforts, but Tasan's hsiao-pie was influenced by Chu-Hsi 朱子. Tasan mentioned to this point.

On the other hand, I classifies many methods of determining hexagrams into the method of restrictive plural hsiao-pie (Tasan's methods of hsiao-pie), the method of plural hsiao-pie (Chu-Hsi's hsiao-pie) and so forth according to hsiao-pie. Through this classification, we realize the uniqueness in Tasan's method of hsiao-pie.

In comparison with Chu-Hsi's, I found that Tasan's sheshifa's uniqueness in movement of hsiao-pie is derived from the concept of Tien 天, which is personal concept. Primarily the Book of Changes was intended to fortune telling from the heaven. Accordingly, the personal Tien tells fortune to people asking about the Tien' s will to the degree of people even common people can understand. Tasan's sheshifa IS easy to know Tien's fortune telling because when one or many pie-hsiao appear, that pie-hsiao narrow down to one. On this point, we lead to the conclusion that Tasan's concept of Tien is religious. Thus we can say that Tasan's sheshifa has uniqueness in spite of the Chu-Hsi's influence on Tasan.
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