Impact behavior of aramid fiber/glass fiber hybrid composite: Evaluation of four-layer hybrid composites

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Park, Rohchoon; Jang, Jyongsik

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Springer Verlag
Journal of Materials Science 36 (2001) 2359 – 2367
Aramid fiber/glass fiber hybrid composites were fabricated to investigate the impact
behavior of four-layer composites through the analysis of delamination area. The effect of
position and content of aramid layer on the impact properties of hybrid composites was
examined by using driven dart impact tester. The surface-treated composites were
prepared by treating the surface of aramid fiber with oxygen plasma and silane coupling
agent. The trend of total impact energy was correlated to that of delamination area in both
untreated and treated composites. The impact energy and delamination area of hybrid
composites depended on the position of aramid layer. When aramid layer was at back
surface, the composite exhibited the higher impact energy and delamination area. In
surface-treated composites, however, the position of aramid layer had a minor effect on the
impact energy of hybrid composites. This was due to the restriction in deformation of
aramid fiber. The impact behavior of four-layer hybrid composites was affected by the
delamination area at each interface. The deformation at neighbored-aramid layers
increased the deformation at adjacent interfaces.
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