Low-Complexity Unitary Preprocessing Scheme for Limited Feedback Multiuser MIMO Systems

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Lee, Hyoungjoo; Sohn, Illsoo; Lee, Kwang Bok

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The 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC 2009), Shanghai, pp. 269-272
Multiuser MIMOMIMO broadcast channellinear preprocessingunitary preprocessinglimited-feedback
In this paper, a practical downlink multiuser
multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) scheme with lowrate
feedback channel is considered. Firstly, we propose a
preferred-beam feedback method, which effectively conveys information
of user channel and inter-user interference. Secondly,
we propose a new low-complexity method to compute unitary
preprocessing matrix based on the feedback method. The proposed
method reduces considerably computational complexity by
utilizing SVD operation compared to the conventional unitary
preprocessing scheme. Finally, for the case that the number of
users exceeds the number of transmit antennas, we provide two
simple user selection algorithms to exploit multiuser diversity.
Numerical results show that the proposed low-complexity unitary
preprocessing scheme achieves higher sum-rate than previous
linear preprocessing schemes, especially at low SNR or with small
number of active users.
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