Simple compressive method for treatment of auricular gaematoma using dental silicone material

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Choung, P H; Choung, Y H; Park, K; Oh, J H

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Cambridge University Press
Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2005;119:27-31
Ear, ExternalHaematomaSurgical ProceduresOperative
Most of the previous treatment methods for auricular haematoma are inconvenient for both patients and doctors because they are time-consuming and complex and must be performed under sterile conditions. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a simple compressive method using a dental (silicone) impression material and comparing it with other methods for treatment of auricular haematomas. The authors aspirated a haematoma and then placed a mixed base and catalyst of silicone putty material on the anterior and posterior surfaces of the auricle in the shape of an inverted U for seven days.

From the 24 cases managed with this method, 23 cases (95.8 per cent) were successfully healed. Eight patients were treated with a collodion-cotton wool cast and 16 of 19 patients were successfully treated with dental cotton-wool rolls. The average number of those visiting the hospital was 2.7 for the collodion-cotton wool cast, 6.9 for the dental cotton-wool roll, and 3.1 for dental silicone. The mean treatment durations were 8.1 days for the collodion-cotton wool cast, 13.8 days for the dental cotton-wool roll, and 8.6 days for dental silicone. The authors believe that this compressive method using dental silicone material is simple and appropriate for the treatment of auricular haematoma.
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