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지방모세포종(lipoblastoma) 2례 : Lipoblastoma (2 cases report)

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김철우; 안긍환; 지제근; 박귀원; 김우기

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.24 No.2, pp. 262-266
Authors report two cases of localized type of lipoblastorna occurring in Korean infants, that were
successfully treated by total excision.
Case 1 was a 10 months old boy who came to the
Hospital because of a recurrent inguinal mass that
had been removed 5 months previously. The mass
was firm and measured Gx 5 x 2cm. Elongated and
lobulated masses wcre well encapsulated and delineatcd
from the surrounding tissue, and showed light
yellowish homogeneous cut surface with areas of
rnyxoid change. The tumor mass was separated by
irregular complete and incomplete septa.
Case ~ was from a 3 months old girl who was
found to have a mass in her upper back at the age
of one month. This subcutaneous mass measured
2.5 X 2. G>: 2cm, and was elastic firm with mobility.
It was well circumscribed from the surrounding
tissue, and cut sections showed yellowish lobulated
Microscopically both tumors were characterized
by incomplete and complete lobules formed by crisscrossing
bands of connective tissue. The tumor
masses were composed of undifferentiated mesenchymal
cells, fibroblasts, stellate cells as well as univacuolated
and multi vacuolated fat cells. Areas of
myxoid change were often seen in case 1. Mature
fat cells wcre more abundant in the middle of the
lobules, whereas the lipoblasts with rich vascularity
were secn often around the fibrous septa. Although
some neoplastic cells showed some nuclear hyperchrornasia
no bizarre or giant cells were noted.
Brief comments on age and site incidence, and
management of this tumor were made.
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