Allele Frequency and Genotype Distribution of STR SE33 locus in Koreans

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Lee, Jung Bin; Choi, Chan

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med, Vol.36 No.2, pp. 61-68
Human beta-actin relatedSE33STRAmp-FLPautomatic sequencerMendelian Inheritance
DNA was obtained from placental tissue and peripheral blood of
268 unrelated Koreans in order to analyze the applicability of PCR amplification
of human beta-actin related pseudogene H-beta-Ac-psi-2 (AClBP-2, SE33) SlR locus
for forensic medicine in the field of individual identification and paternity tests.
After amplification using two primers specific to the SE33 locus, the products
were analyzed by polyacrylmide gel electrophoresis, so called Amp-FLP(Amplification
Fragment Length Polymorphism) procedure followed by silver staining. To
improw the differentiation of the allele an automatic sequencer, Licor 4000-L was
used and the result was compared with that of routine acrylamide gel electrophoresis.
36 alleles were deteced, and the distribution was somewhat homogenous, and
none of the alleles were above 0.1 in frequency. Allele 12 and allele 14 were most
frequent with frequencies of 0.09701 and 0.08022, and alleles of two base repeat
such as allele 17, allele 19 were also encountered. 144 kinds of genotypes were
found, among which 22 were homozygotes, and the heterozygosity was 91.85%. In
164 gametes of 64 families whose parent-child relationship were confirmed through
other studies and information, Mendelian inheritance was well presented although
two mutations were observed,
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