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Blackburn on the Ban on Mixed Moral Worlds : 혼성도덕세계 금지에 관한 블랙번의 이론 고찰

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Kim, Shin

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서울대학교 철학사상연구소
철학사상, Vol.36, pp. 395-421
Moral RealismMoral ProjectivismMoral FactsMoral SupervenienceSimon Blackburn도덕실재론도덕투영주의도덕사실도덕수반블랙번
This is a realist response to Blackburns version of the
explanatory inadequacy of the moral thesis based on the ban on mixed
worlds, and to its possible explanatory reductionism version. First, the
moral supervenience relationship is made explicit, for the ban on mixed
worlds has been expressed most commonly by employing the notion of
moral supervenience. This is done to clarify the implications of the ban.
Second, it will be argued that the dependence relationship between the
two is self-explanatory, given the dependence relationship expounded
here. This will allow us to show that there is no such modal fact as the
ban on mixed worlds for projectivists such as Blackburn to explain.
Third, I shall consider and reject a possible rejoinder from Blackburn:
explanatory reductionism. A nonreductive physicalistic type of moral
realism can still fail if it can be shown that all of the explanatory power
possessed by the supervening properties is reducible to the explanatory
power provided by the subvening properties. This is especially so when the explanation is understood as closely related to causation. It will be
shown that the causal power of supervening properties is irreducible to
their subvening properties, while it is acknowledged that further work has
to be done in establishing the falsity of the explanatory reductionism of
moral facts to nonmoral facts. 이 글은 혼성도덕세계 금지를 그 예로 하는 블랙번의 도덕사실 설
명부적합성에 대한 도덕실재론자의 답변이다. 첫째로 도덕수반의 개
념에 대하여 살펴보고, 둘째로 이 글에서 옹호하는 도덕수반의 개념
을 받아들이면 블랙번과 같은 투영주의자가 설명해야하는 그런
양상의 하나인 혼성세계금지란 투영주의에 따르면 실재하지 않으며,
실재론자의 입장에서는 그 도덕수반이 가장 근본적이거나 또는 여
기서의 도덕수반 보다 더 근본적인 관계에 의거해 설명 가능함을
보인다. 마지막으로 블랙번의 입장에서 가능한 설명환원주의를 논
의, 비판한다.
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