하나로 수업모형 적용을 통한 통합적 교육 효과 분석
A Study on the Application of Hanaro Teaching Model to Middle School Physical Education

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dc.identifier.citation사대논총, Vol.69, pp. 113-159-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to apply Hanaro Teaching Model which is newly

presented as a new Teaching Model for the Middle School's physical education to the

middle school students and to investigate the ability of the application examining the

effect will be exposed.

To achieve the purpose of this study, 'Transformed Rugby Game' which is unified as

Teaching Model was played for seven weeks by the seventy male middle school


The researcher has come to recogmze several results in applying Hanaro Teaching

Model to analyze various materials deeply. But this study is just the case method, there

is a limit for the generalization.

1. The students showed great participation and interest III applying Hanaro Teaching


2. Having perceived not only the skill of Rugby but also the spirit and tradition of

Rugby, the students have synthetically experienced the inside and outside of the

exercise in emphasizing Hanaro Teaching Model.

3. From the integrative educational effect of applying Hanaro Teaching Model, each

student has developed his own human nature and social life at the same time.

4. On the various practical situations to apply Hanaro Teaching Model, the conclusion

were drawn as follows;

(1) Physical education teacher can devise the development of social emotion through

the educational usefulness, the student's satisfaction and sport games.

(2) It is required to have a teacher who combines with the general knowledge and manner on society, who has a paSSIOn and love to the selected sport, who can play

well, who has experienced the tradition and the spiritual inner world of the sport.

He is also a person who is easy to get along with others to be a good example

for the students.

(3) To develop a proper lesson with Hanaro Teaching Model, it IS very important

to secure the space not to be interrupted from any other lessons.

(4) In 2003 the physical education lessons for 9th students will be reduced to two

lessons a week. In case two periods are going to be instructed as one period,

Hanaro Teaching Model will be properly applied to the meaningful physical

education through the sports.
dc.publisher서울대학교 사범대학-
dc.title하나로 수업모형 적용을 통한 통합적 교육 효과 분석-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Application of Hanaro Teaching Model to Middle School Physical Education-
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dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorKim, Nak-young-
dc.citation.journaltitleJournal of the College of Education (사대논총)-
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