태생중기태아 선하수체세포에 대한 조직화학반응의 비교관찰 : Histochemical Studies on the Adenohypophyses of Human Fetuses in Midpregnancy

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차중익; 조사선; 백상호; 이명복

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.17 No.4, pp. 362-368
Nineteen human fetal hypophyses ranging 5 to 8
months in gestational age were studied h istochemically
to observe the changes of stainability. number
of cells and distribution of chromophils in adenohypophysis
with increasing fetal age. The pituitary
glands were excised and fixed in Bouin's fluid. and
serial sections were made at 5p.. Tissue sections were
stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin. Masson's trichrome.
Azocarmine'Aniline Blue-Orange G. PAS-Methyl Blue-Orange G and Aldehyde Fuchsin-PAS-Orange G.
The results observed under ordinary light microscope
were as follows.
1. Stainability was much lower than adult, but
acidophils and basophils were identified and distinguishable
from 5 months, and somatotrophs and marnmotrophs
were distinguishable from 7 months.
2. Both acidophils and basophils increased in number
with advancing fetal age particularly on 8 month,
and acidophils exceeded basophils in increasing rate.
3. Acidophils were distributed mainly in the anterior
portion of Rathke's pouch, but basophils in the
peripheral portion of adenohypophysis.
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