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Reliability of Grieg Extraction Method for the Determination of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Sediments by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy : 原子吸收分光法으로 水中 沈降物의 重金屬을 定量할 때 사용하는 그리이그 抽出法의 信賴度

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dc.contributor.authorLee, Won Sick-
dc.contributor.authorSturchio, Malcolm L.-
dc.identifier.citation사대논총, Vol.22, pp. 191-200-
dc.description.abstractThe extracting efficiency and reliability of the Grieg extraction method for the determination of heavy metals in aquatic sediments were studied by use of an atomic absorption spectroscopy. The results obtained here reveal clear methodological differences between the Grieg extraction and the HNO3-HCIO4-HF acids extraction method. The accuracy and precision of the measurements by the Grieg extraction method dec reased on the average in the comparison. The accuracies of the measurements of trace heavy metals in the sediments-expressed as the double standard deviation 2σ(X)-were found between about 6% and 17% for the Grieg method, and between about 4% and 15% for the HNO3-HCIO4-HF acids method. The Grieg extraction method is not a recommendable technique for the determination of trace heavy metals in sediments. 水中 沈降物에 들어있는 重金屬의 原子吸收分光法에 의한 定量에 사용되는 Grieg 抽出法의 抽出効率과 信賴度를 HNO3-HCIO4-HF 抽出法과 비교하였다. Grieg 抽出法은 HNO3-HCIO4-HF 抽出法에 비하여 抽出效率이 떨어지며, 測定에 있어서의 正確度와 精密度가 일반적으로 낮은 結果를 나타내고 있다. 沈降物에 들어있는 微量 重金屬의 測定에 있어서 正確度(더블標準偏差 2σ(X)로 표시된)는 Grieg法에서 약 6%와 17% 사이에, 그리고 HNO3-HCIO4-HF 法에서 약 4%와 15% 사이에 걸쳐있는 것을 알 수 있다. 따라서 Grieg 抽出法은 이 分析法에서 추천할만한 抽出法이 되지 않는다고 볼 수 있다.-
dc.publisher서울대학교 사범대학-
dc.titleReliability of Grieg Extraction Method for the Determination of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Sediments by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy-
dc.title.alternative原子吸收分光法으로 水中 沈降物의 重金屬을 定量할 때 사용하는 그리이그 抽出法의 信賴度-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.citation.journaltitleJournal of the College of Education (사대논총)-
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