대학입학전형의 문제점과 개선 방안 : A Proposal for Improvement of the College and University Admission System

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.63, pp. 195-210
The major purpose of this paper is to suggest a proposal for improvement of the college and university admission system in Korea. To achieve this goal, the problems associated with the current admission system are critically examined. Based on those identified problems, the ways of improving the current admission system are proposed in order to intensify diversification, specialization, and professionalization in the secondary education as well as higher education. The proposed suggestions for improvement are as follows: 1) The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) should be implemented several times in a year and the various kinds of CSAT should be developed according to applicats' ability levels. 2) The big differences in the high school students' achievement levels should be considered officially in the screening processes of applicants. 3) An office, so called Admission Office', should be established within each college or university in order to develop its own screening systems with pursuing diversification, specialization, and professionalization. 4) A national office, so called 'Universities and Colleges Admission Service', should be established in order to assist each college or university admission affair such as disseminating various information or receiving various materials for admission. 5) The number of admitted students should be assigned by each department instead of each college or institute in order to intensify diversification, specialization, and professionalization in education. Since the successful implementation of the college and university admission system is a quite critical matter for developing education, both the materials and the processes for admission should be continually improved.
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College of Education (사범대학)Center for Educational Research (교육종합연구원)교육연구와 실천Journal of the College of Education (師大論叢) vol.62/63 (2001)
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